ESN Trondheim sells MyCall SIM cards for 50 NOK. The card comes pre-paid with 25 NOK worth of calling credit. We hold SIM card sales almost every week throughout the semester, and announce specifically when and where these are held on our Facebook page. You can also buy it online at Hoopla, and pick it up at our card sales.

Here is some information about the deal:



- When you top-up a with minimum 100 NOK, you get 1 GB data for FREE the first two times you top-up.

- You can then use the 100 NOK for calling and texting :)

  •     No monthly fee
  •     Startup call: 0,99 NOK
  •     Calls within the MyCall network: 0 NOK pr min (after a 0,99 NOK starting call fee)
  •     Calls to other networks: 0,49 NOK pr min (including landline)
  •     SMS: 0,49 NOK pr SMS
  •     SMS outside Norway: 0,49 NOK
  •     MMS: 0,99 NOK
  •     Data: 1,99 NOK pr MB 

The SIM card will be activated within 50 minutes from when it is purchased, and when you turn on your phone and enter your PIN code you should receive a text message welcoming you as a customer, containing your phone number and confirming that your card is properly registered. 

Don’t forget to bring a passport or driver’s license when you want to buy a SIM card (basically an ID with a photo)

MyCall Kontantkort

MyCall is a pre-paid calling card for those that want to call for free to other MyCall customers, if they have pre-paid or a subscription.
MyCall kontaktkort have very reasonable prices both in Norway and abroad.
For more Information about MyCall kontantkort and prices:


Q: How do I add credit for calling to my card?

A: Go to this LINK and scroll down the page. On the left you see the option to top up ‘Enter number to top up’. You can add credit using a bank card or you can add with a pre-paid card purchased at the local supermarkets.

Q: How can I check how much calling credit I have left on my card?

A: Send an SMS with the word 'Saldo' to 06160.

Q: How much does it cost to call my home country?

A: The prices to call abroad are listed on MyCall website. Go to this LINK, then you can select any country to get the price.

Q: Do you sell Micro or Nano SIM cards?

A: The SIMcard has all three options. 

Q: Does MyCall have any packages for people who want to use mobile data?

A: Yes. Go to this LINK, and you can select one of the packages listed. These packages last for 31 days after activation. You can also activate the MyPack packages. Call customer service 06160.