Cover photo for Clothes Swapping
Did you know that the fashion and textile industry is one of the most pollutant industries in the world? We want you to help us reduce the clothing consumption. ESN Trondheim invites you to clothes swapping to raise awareness of environmental sustainability and reduce the waste. 
Take a look in your wardrobe and bring what you don’t use! This could be everything from clothes, shoes and bags. Drop of your items at our ESN office on the dates below and the swapping will take place in room R20 and R21 in Realfagsbygget on Monday 6th of May from 17.00-19.00.
NB! The clothes must be clean, usable and in the same condition you would want to receive them in. 
The remains will be donated to Fretex afterwards. 
Dates for drop of at the ESN office (the Materialteknisk building by Realfagsbygget):
- Tuesday 26.03.19 between 15.00-16.00 during Open Office
- Tuesday 09.04.19 between 15.00-16.00 during Open Office
- Tuesday 23.04.19 between 15.00-16.00 during Open Office
Dont have time to come to our office? Dont worry, you can also just bring your clothes directly to the event!
Voucher system: You will get a voucher for each clothing you drop off, with a maximum of 5 vouchers regardless of how many garments you drop off. 
Come join us for a free, sustainable clothes swap, free coffee and a good company! Remember that everything you drop of will get a new home, either a new student or donated to Fretex. 
This is a part of a bigger ESN project: Social Inclusion days. You can read more about Social Inclusion Days here: 
Hope to see you there!
06/05/2019 - 17:00
R20 and R21 in Realfagbygget Gløshaugen
  • All students in Trondheim are invited.