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The student cabin is located in Bymarka in Trondheim, and is owned by and belongs to NTNUi.  As a cooperation between NTNUi and SiT, the cabin is open to all students.

Check out their website !

To get to the cabin:

  • This is a short bus ride with bus no. 10 to Skistua. Check AtB for timetables.
  • Alternatively, you can take the tram to Lian, and walk up to the cabin from here. Check for timetables.

The student cabin has lots of opportunities, independent of season. Whether you like to be active, when hiking or training sessions in the tracks can be recommended, or you would more appreciate a nice break from student duties, intensive reading for the syllabus and the stressing life in the city, this is a place you can take some time off just to calm down, relax, read a book in front of the fireplace or play a game with new or old friends.

Perhaps snowbathing followed by sauna? There are also a lot of great hiking opportunities in the nearby area! Anyway: All these opportunities are just a bus ride away!