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NTNUI is the NTNU’s own sports organization. It consists of different sports groups as well as student cabins (read more about the student cabins on our student cabin page!) and is in fact Norway’s largest sports organization in terms of members (>12,000)! Their mission is to get more students to take part in sporting- and social activities, so go out and help them make their goal! NTNUI has two facilities, one at each campus (see further below).
The facilities have their own fitness rooms, with weights as well as equipment like treadmills, bikes and rowing machines. They also offer several regular activities at different times.

Membership and prices

You can buy your NTNUI membership from Sit.

Your membership is valid at all the facilities and can be bought at the reception at either  “Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen” or “Dragvoll Idrettssenter".
Remember to bring your semester card and valid ID.

Many of the activities are free to participate in. You can read more about the different activities on the NTNUI website.

The different facilities

All information about the facilities of Sit can be found on their website.


You can book group classes on Sits website.