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Here you can find answers to some questions we are frequently asked. If you don't find the answer to your question on this page or on other pages of our webpage, don't hesitate to contact us by using the contact form, on Facebook or on Instagram.

About ESN

Where can I find information about ESN?

Instagram: esn_trondheim

Facebook: ESN Trondheim

How to contact ESN?
You can send us an email at [email protected] (or through the contact form), or send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook. We prefer that you message our official accounts and not our individual volunteers. We also have office hours every Thursday between 16:00 and 18:00.

Where can I find the ESN office?

Facing the main building, our office is located in the back of the building on the left side. You can find directions on Mazemap.


What is it?

The official membership card of the Erasmus generation! It gives you discounts at our partners, trips, and events.


Who can get an ESNcard?

Exchange students, internships within Erasmus+ programme or other Mobility programmes

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

International full degree students


How much is it?

200 NOK. You can pay with cash or card.


Where can I get it?

You can pick it up at the open office every Thursday between 16:00 and 18:00 


Do I need an ESNcard to join events?

No, our events are open to all international students, however the ESNcard will give you a discount on most of our events.


Where can I print my picture for the ESNcard?

You don’t need to have a high quality picture, you can just print it on one of the NTNU printers. You don’t know how to print? Find it out heret:


Where can I register my ESNcard?
To be able to use the international ESNcard deals, you have to activate your card here. 


Where can I sign up for the ESN events?

Registration usually opens 1-3 weeks before the event takes place. Monthly we post an activities calendar to our Instagram and information about the events can be found on our activities page Here you can find all necessary information about the upcoming events and the registration procedure.


Can I join if I don't have an ESNcard?
Yes, you can come to all the events even if you don’t have the ESNcard.


Where can I find information about the trips?

Trip plans for the whole semester are published on our social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook and

Where can I buy a ticket and how much are they?

Information on how to purchase a ticket and the prices can be found on the event page in the beginning of the semester.

I have bought a ticket but I want to sell it.

For the tickets booked with timetravels, some charges may apply if you cancel or change the name. More details:
For tickets purchased directly from ESN Trondheim you can contact us as we sometimes have a waiting list. In case we don’t you are encouraged to resell your ticket as we don’t offer refunds.
If you are selling your ticket to someone else you are NOT allowed to charge more than the original ticket price. This is illegal in Norway.

The Buddy Programme

What is it?

The purpose of the Buddy Programme is to assist international students in Trondheim with integration in the Norwegian student life. The local buddy gets the opportunity to practice a foreign language, get acquainted with different cultures and get involved in the international community in Trondheim. You can read more about it here: 

Can everyone sign up?
Yes everyone can sign up to the buddy program

I did not get a buddy, what do I do?
We have a lot more international students than Norwegian students in the programme but we try to assign buddies throughout the semester as soon as one is available.



Can you help me find an accommodation?

Unfortunately we are not in the position to help you find an accommodation, but you can get some help from NTNUs website.


How can I become an exchange/erasmus student at NTNU?

If you are looking for general information on being an exchange student at NTNU (such as admission criteria, study plans, etc.), please contact NTNU's international office.
Study plans and course descriptions.
NTNUs FAQ for prospective students.