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Monday, 16 September, 2019 - 18:39

We sell two types of cards, the ESNcard and the MyCall SIM-card.

The price for the ESNcard is only 130 NOK. You make up that in no time by attending our events and on your trips in Europe. To get one, just follow us on Facebook where we keep you updated on when we have stands and sales. If you simply cannot wait, you can also reserve on online here. Then you can meet us later to pick up the card at your convenience. 

With the ESNcard you will get discounts on several places and Trondheim, and discounts on all of our major trips, and some of our smaller events.

You also get the benefit of international discouts as well as all the other discounts we have throughout Europe! Simple register the ESNcard at and look at all the amazing offers you can get. Read more about the ESNcard.

The MyCall SIM-card is sold for 50 NOK, and it comes pre-paid with 25 NOK worth of calling credit. We sell cards almost every week throughout the semester. Read more about the MyCall SIM-card.

We also offer a package deal where you get both cards for only 150 NOK, which saves you 30 NOK.