ESN Trondheim and Studenttinget at NTNU have started a cooperation. As ESN International becomes more political in terms of student politics and welfare, ESN Trondheim wants to help out. In Trondheim, we will highlight and show cases where international student politics are involved. NTNU wants to make the university the best it can be in terms of an exchange destination. They are working on a plan to improve housing, strengthening faculties and helping set up english courses. In addition to restrucuring to help international students coming to Trondheim, they are also pushing for locals to venture out on Erasmus and other exchange programs. The goal is to have a 40% on exchange programs. After Gjøvik, Ålesund and HIST became NTNU, we are now at a meager 13%. NTNU previously were at around 25%. So stay tuned on our facebook page if we find any interesting stuff that Studenttinget is working on.