We are very excited to travel to Rondane with you! This is the first time we will go there, and we really think it will be a great trip.

We will be staying in cabins at Rondane Høyfjellhotell. Here we can take a break in their indoor pools and sauna, relax at the spa, eat in their restaurant and have a drink in their bar. It's located about 5 km from the border of Rondane national park. 

We will have the chance to go ice bathing, visit one of the many summits in the area, go cross country skiing, see the absolutely stunning nature, go for a trip on snow shoes, go hiking in the area and more.

A lot more details will come as soon as possible!

21/03/2019 to 24/03/2019
  • All international students studying in Trondheim are invited.