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ESN invites you to join us for a one day trip to Røros, a picturesque mining village not far from Trondheim. This town has been mining copper since the 17th Century, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980. Røros held the previous record for coldest air temperature measured in Norway: - 50,4C!. Read more about Røros here: 
We will visit the traditional Røros market, Rørosmartnan. It is the oldest market in Norway and it is arranged every year in February. On average it attracts about 70.000 tourists, which is quite spectacular for a small city with only 5500 inhabitants! You can read more about the market from here:
We are going to have a guided tour in the Olavs Mines before visiting the the market. Olavs Mines made Røros famous back in the days. After the tour through the underground mines we will go to the city of Røros where you have the possibility to check out the market and get some cool traditional souvenirs! 
IMPORTANT: you have to bring a extra pair of shoes to the mines!
WHEN: Saturday the 23rd of February. Departure Trondheim 07:00 from NTNU Gløshaugen (in front of the main building), and 07:20 from Rema1000 Moholt. Departure Røros 17:30. 
PRICE: 345 NOK with ESN card / 395 NOK without ESN card
WHY: Because you will get to experience one of the coldest places in Norway. There are amazingly beautiful old buildings. You will have the chance to experience market life with a lot of people, some reindeer and horses. Røros is filled with culture, little shops and snow which why you should not miss the opportunity to go there now in February. You are also surrounded with other international people and maybe you will even get new friends during the trip! 
SIGNUP: the signup starts at Wednesday 13th of February, at 12AM! Head to our sales page to book tickets.
We have 98 spots to this trip, and will go there with two buses.
- Bus trip from Gløshaugen via Moholt to Røros and back.
- Guided trip to the Olavs Mines in Røros.
- Memories for life.
You HAVE TO bring an extra pair of shoes for the trip in the mines. They get easily very dirty, and you need to change shoes for the bus trip on the way back home.
Tip: Dress warmly! It will be cold in Røros! The locals often wear fur coats during the Rørosmartnan. Woollen clothes, thick jackets and hiking boots etc. are recommended.
Link to Facebook event. The Facebook event is always up to date.
23/02/2019 - 07:00
  • All international students studying in Trondheim are invited.