9th of February you will have the opportunity to join
ESNs cross country event. 
We can help with instructions, but
It is very nice if you don't need instructions as well. 
Cross country is how to learn to become norwegian 101.
We will have a bonfire, so bring some food you can put on the bonfire!
Registration will open 1st of February, 12:00 at this link:
Be quick to secure your spot!
The event will cost 50 kr because of rental of skiis. 
Renting skis will be free for everyone participating!
If you already have skiis then there will be no fee.
Some important messages:
-We need to take bus to Estenstadmarka, so remember your bus card or you need to buy a ticket
- remember to wear warm and sporty clothes. Wool is reccommended for warmth. You get cold quick when standing/sitting still.
- have a backpack with a warm sweater and something to eat and drink
Meet up at Bumerang Moholt 10:00 for an exciting experience!!
Link to Facebook event. The Facebook event is always up to date.
09/02/2019 - 10:00
Meeting Point: 
Bumerang, Moholt
  • All international students studying in Trondheim are invited.